Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy weekend with family and shocked at some fit people's words

Yesterday I hung out with youngest in the morning and then we went to the sporting goods store and then the grocery store. At the sport goods store I was looking for water shoes or aerobics shoes. Struck out on both. I'm just going to have to order them and hope they work out. I'll order from to at least save on return shipping if they don't work out.

Anyway, at the sporting goods store, I looked through their running/fitness clothes as they were all on sale. While looking through the racks, I overheard a couple talking. They were both very active and fit. That was obvious from looking at them. The woman was about 5'2" and was built very petite. The man was about 5'8" and was very fit and had a average build for his size. She was looking for a new running outfit and her husband was trying to help her. She found a rack of cute shirts and said, "oh, here are some cute ones!". And her husband responded, "I already told you I looked there and they don't have your size. See, they are all size large. Like there are any size large runners (said in a very snide way)". Said so ugly and I found it so jarring. Now this was a sales rack, probably the larges were what were left, but still. I wear a size Large now and while I'm not running I could be! And I know plenty of runners as big or bigger than me, so what was that about?

Another time, about 3 weeks ago at the pool, a very fit couple came to the pool to do laps. They came riding their race bikes and I'm pretty sure they are/were training for a triathlon. Anyway, while playing with my younger son in the shallow end, I overheard this guy say to his girlfriend, "look at these people, they are standing at the ends more than they are swimming". And said with a vey condescending voice. I found that very shocking too. These people were there for an hour swimming and yes, they took breaks at the end of laps, but they we doing something! They weren't sitting at home eating popcorn and doing nothing. They were at the pool swimming! Why the attitude?

I had always hoped and assumed that when more fit people saw less fit people exercising, that they would try to encourage the newcomers. Or would smile and be happy to see more and more people at least starting on the road to a healthier life. I never dreamed that there would be open hostility towards the novices or less vigorous exercisers. But now twice in a month I've run into people quite by accident who quite openly say some nasty things about heavier exercisers or slow exercisers. I find that very sad and it does rattle me a bit. Not that it will stop me in doing what I need to do, but I won't assume ever again that fit people are happy to be sharing the gym floor with me! Well, I know I will always have a soft spot for the newbie and for the overweight trying to get thin. Their road to fitness is much more difficult road than it ever will be for a person who grew up with fitness in their life and are a natural athlete.

For the rest of the day, I watered the flowers, went swimming with the family and made dinner. In the evening we watched a movie and just thoroughly enjoyed family time.

Today I have already walked around the lake once. Then we'll go swimming and then this evening I'll mow. Tomorrow it's back to the gym and this time I'm take my older son too! He needs to get more active again. He has really turned into a skinny marshmallow. Skinny marshmallow? What do you call a stick thin unfit person?

Stats for 6/26/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. now: 201.8


  1. Those people are jerks. Incidents like that leave me feeling bad for a long time.

  2. They weren't directed at me, so I didn't feel a direct sting, but 'ugly' people (their personalities) are such a big turn off to me. I just don't think that way about anybody, so I don't get it.

    The one time I did hurt for a long time I still remember so clearly. I was playing tennis with my husband to be. I was 23 years old and about 190 pounds. Someone drove by in the car and said, "Hey fatso!" I felt so bad. I wanted to stop playing right there, but Sven (my husband) came to me and said, "Who cares what they said? They are bozos, so why are you letting someone else affect how you feel? Plus, you are exercising and doing something good for yourself." And I've always kept that in mind. I won't stay away from the pool or gym or anything just because of my size. That only hurts myself.