Saturday, June 25, 2011

The power of a little voice and let the Whoosh begin!

Yesterday was a busy day for a summer vacation day of the first week. I had to run an errand around 10 am, had to take my son to occupational therapy at 1 pm (so that takes from noon to 2 pm) and then REI started their summer clearance sale today and I wanted to get to that and dinner is usually around 6:30 pm.  In the morning, there was a class at 10:45 am that I would have loved to make it to (BodyStep), but that would not allow for a shower after class and I really need a shower after that class. Then there was a class at 6 pm, but that really interferes with dinner and I have already messed with dinner hours three times this week! So, I had decided to not go to the gym on Friday and to go on Saturday and Sunday.

But, this little six year old voice, at 5:40 pm said, "Mom, let's go to the gym!". I said, "We're not going to go today." or something like that and he promptly followed with a pleading voice, "Mom, please can we go? Of course we can go today." How could I resist that? I looked at the clock and realized I would almost definitely be a few minutes late, but went for it. I ran upstairs, changed into workout clothes, put on my shoes, while telling the little guy to get his shoes. I ran dowstairs to get my drink and membership cards and went out to the car. Realized I had forgotten my heart rate monitor, I ran back in and upstairs and then back down and drove off. We got lucky with the traffic and the traffic lights and got to the gym at 5:55 pm. We went to the Kidspace area for kids 3-6 and it was locked! What??? I know it's supposed to be open. I go next door to the 6-12 year old Kidspace room and fortunately, it was open, "Phew!" Fortunately the room where they do Zumba is next door to the KidSpace rooms, so I got in just as the instructor was cuing up the music. There were still some obvious available spots left on the floor and off I went!

That did mean that dinner was late. My husband texted me that he was on his way home seconds before the music started. I quickly texted "at Zumba". No plan for dinner at home for my husband to start a meal, but oh well, life happens.

We got home a bit after 7 pm. I quickly grabbed some basil and oregano from the garden and washed it up. Added some fresh garlic and sundried tomatoes and olive oil while the water boiled for fresh tortellini. That's what they ate. I cooked up 1.5 brats for me and we all had a green and red pepper salad. Dinner was served shortly after 7:30 pm. About an hour late, but that's OK.

When I weighed myself after dinner and full of water, I weighed the same as I did in the morning and I realized, right on cue, I was dropping the water weight. And sure enough, this morning I'm 1.4 down from yesterday putting me back to my all time low for this journey. Onederland is like RIGHT there now (again). Woohoo!

Not sure what the plan is for today, but I know it will involve going to the swimming pool with the kids and hopefully the hubby.

Stats for 6/25/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 201.8
Exercise total hours in 2011: 195
Total miles biked/walked in 2011: 524/1000

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