Monday, April 18, 2011

Ordered my bike basket and had a dessert

Yesterday with guests was going fine. We had breakfast, I ate normally. They went (including everyone but my little guy and me) to the bay for a boat ride, so the little guy and I had a normal afternoon. We took a walk, we ate lunch, we went to the store, etc. Got dinner ready, grilled outside, ate my normal meal. But, I had made a dessert for the guests. And for my husband. He requested a once a year treat - Rhubarb pie. I was serving it up, our guest was handing them out and I thought it was odd we had run out, meaning my little guy had rhubarb crisp from the night before (which was better for him anyway as the pie was still too hot and he wanted it NOW). We ran out because our guest had set a piece in front of me. With a dollop of ice cream.

Now I could have refused it and thrown it out, but everyone was like, "Melissa, it's one dessert - enjoy it." And they are right... it's true and it's my favorite spring dessert - bringing back so many childhood memories. Iowa and rhubarb. So, I ate a piece, meaning I ate 500 more calories for the day than I anticipated. It was great! But it was unexpected... not really a slip, but something that turned out to be hard to avoid without creating a scene. At least it was delicious. It looks like I have found a way to make a flaky crust again, after years of being unsuccessful after switching from using crisco. So, at least that is good!

While they were at the bay, I went to a bike shop and ordered the bike basket I want with two adapters so I can put it on either bike I ride. Here is a link: bontrager handlebar basket. So, that makes the bike slightly girly at least. I can put some water or my purse in it. Still need to get a bell for my bike.

That's about it for today. After our guests leave, I will get hard to it with exercise so I don't stall out even more.

Stats for 4/18/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 221.2 (lost a bit of the water weight from the day before)
Exercise totals for 2011: 102 hours
Walking totals for 2011: 325.4/1000

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