Thursday, April 28, 2011

OK, this scale thing is almost comical now!

If you EVER want to gain weight fast, besides drinking water, eat fajitas and salsa. I guarantee you'll gain at least a pound, if not two! My husband gained one pound. I gained 1.4. My calories came in at 1400 yesterday. I walked over 3 miles, but I gained all that weight. I knew it was going to happen when I stepped on the scale last night before going to bed - I saw 224 on the scale and just had to laugh, because I "KNOW" it's all water. My socks left indentations, my ring is tighter and when you know you are eating perfectly and exercising, it's water weight, plain and simple.

Man, and fajitas are one of my all time favorite foods. I marinate the chicken (of course, it gathers sodium that way) and then grill it. I slice up red peppers and green peppers and onions, toss them in olive oil and then grill those. I then toss in my food processor, cilantro, garlic, a hot pepper, tomatoes and white onion with a splash or two of lime juice and salt and whiz it up to make homemade salsa. Slice up an avocado (one for the whole family) and crumble up a chunk of queso fresco (going very light with it on plate) and voila a tortilla-less fajita (the rest of them had tortillas, but even they eat just one and mostly make a fajita salad). It's a perfect meal except for the sodium and wow! WEIGHT GAIN!!!

Plus, it's still hot in the house, but it should be cooling down today as the temps are lower today, but the rooms are still around 80 degrees which is another thing to help me retain water.  Oh, well. It's going to be one heck of a WHOOSH! when the water weight gain does come off.

Stats for 4/28/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 222.0
Exercise total hours in 2011: 111 hours
Walking/Biking total miles in 2011: 360.3/1000 miles

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