Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New shoes and a really good walk

My shoes I had were fine while they were new, but they have worn out. So, we went to a local running store that seems to be mentioned everywhere to go for getting fitted for running shoes. And then, I got my running shoes - the sales guy nailed in on the first shoe. They only had one color of the shoe - the pink... well, 'raspberry' color and well, I don't usually do pink, but I was tired of gray with blue which is what I've had every time. This is gray with hints of bright pink, so they are girly without being in your face girly. I got these: Asics Gel Nimbus 12. My husband got a pair of Brooks.

Then, we came home, had dinner - tacos again. I had leftover everything except for meat, so made new meat and used up the rest of the other ingredients. It's such a great meal and low carb and so full of flavor, but... every time I eat it, I gain water weight and sure enough, I'm up .4 again today. I can't mind it too bad as I know why I had the gain, but I'm tired of seeing the same numbers now for over a week!

After dinner, I took a walk. First trip around, I walked with my husband. My shins were bugging me a bit, so I only walked as fast as they would allow. That lap (1.25 miles) I was averaging 3.2 miles per hour. Second lap I was solo (hubby had already walked/ran 5 miles) and I picked up the pace. That lap averaged 3.7 miles per hour. By the third lap, my muscles were all warmed up, shin was no longer aching, so I did a 4.1 miles per hour lap. All together with the bit of walk back and forth to the house, it was just under 4 miles. That last lap, my heart was racing as I was walking as fast as my heart could sustain - averaging 152 beats per minute, peaking at 168. I felt if I went any faster, I would fall on my face. 4.1 miles per hour walking is fast! This was all in my new shoes and they felt great.

Also while at the running store, the guy selling shoes looked in his book and found exercises for me to do to strengthen my shins. They are easy enough to do sitting at the computer or while watching TV, so I will pick up one pound weights and exercise my shins every night. He also said I should ice them every time I take a walk. Did I last night? No! I'm so not a person to baby myself.

Possibly meeting up with a friend today at Great Falls, Maryland side. If not today, then tomorrow, weather permitting. That is such a pretty walk. Plus, it's been over a year since I saw this friend, so it will be great to catch up with her and her family. It's getting easier as our kids are getting older!

Otherwise, it's a great spring break day. I had a lighter week last week, so it's making me raring to go this week!

Stats for 4/19/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 221.6 (up .4 because of taco salad again!)
Exercise total hours in 2011: 103 hours
Walking/Biking/Running totals in 2011: 329.5/1000

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