Saturday, April 30, 2011

And I think (hope) the whoosh is beginning!

The temps outside have come down, I'm past ovulation, the gazillions of water pounds are beginning to come off. 1.2 yesterday, 1.4 today and it went down enough to give me my new all time low by surpassing my lowest weight by 3 ounces!  I don't care, I'll take it.

I actually took pictures of my ankles last night as they are still puffy, but not NEARLY as puffy as the other night - well no wonder! I've lost 3 pounds of water weight in the last 36 hours and I can see I have more. I knew it was going to be good news when I weighed myself before going to bed last night as I weighed less in the evening than I did in the morning and my ankles STILL looked like this (I don't usually get sock indents):

So, phew... my gut was right.

Other than that I did some retail therapy yesterday. I had a $100 gift card to a nursery I needed to use (expires end of May and I've had it for 2 years) and then I added a bit more to it AND then I ordered online what I couldn't find locally.

Anyway, what did I buy? I got 3 hostas - three varieties, 2 containers of native woodland violets , coral bells in two colors - two rust colored, one purple, four peonies - two in pink and two in white, 2 containers of Spanish lavender, a drawf Japanese Lilac, a traditional lavender lilac bush, a Saucer magnolia tree, a rust/orange Scottish broom plant, and a River Birch tree(native to Maryland). Later I ordered 2 fig trees of two different varieties AND rhubarb. Then, I got a great deal on already quite large tomato plants (10"). I got 6 of those. That will get me a start. Not a bad haul for what I paid. I was really picking and choosing careful for like two hours. I still want to get a bunch of annuals and will fill in with more perennials in years to come, but that gives me quite a bit to do!

My exercise for today? Mowing, weeding, digging and planting. I think that will continue into Sunday and it's perfect timing as Then it is supposed to rain for the next 3-4 days, so it will naturally water them as they start to establish.

I'm very excited about planting! And excited the weight is finally on it's way downward.

Stats for 4/30/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 219.2 (a bit more than 36 pounds lost to my new low for this journey)

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