Monday, April 25, 2011

Had a lovely Easter and the last day of spring break is today

Easter was so lovely. My little guy, being six. Is still young enough to get all excited about holidays and to enjoy them, but is mature enough now not to get all worked up over little things. He was all sunshine and smiles with the egg hunt, his Easter basket and even cracked his own egg, but wouldn't eat it, of course.

We had a nice ham, egg, homemade bread and banana blueberry bread breakfast. I ate just the ham and eggs with one nibble of the blueberry banana bread (yum, good!). We hung out for awhile just relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness of the day. Then little guy and I took a bike ride on our buddy bike tandem. However, the weather started to change, so we only did one mile and came home. Then I made dinner of grilled butterflied leg of lamb with green beans and wild rice/brown rice combo (I skipped the rice). The rest of the family finished up the birthday cake.

I played a bit more with my youngest son, put him to sleep, and then went to the basement to do a step routine. I decided to try Reebok Step: The Video. I had remembered liking that one and yep, I still do. It's a surprisingly simple routine, but excellent cuing and it gives a great workout - a bit longer than many, which I appreciated. When I lost weight eons ago, I was happy with 25 minute workouts. Now, I feel that is so wimping out. I want at least 45 minutes of working out! And this one delivers. My heart rate was in the zone for most of it, but didn't work me too hard. I just didn't do any of the propulsion moves as that's harder on the knees and at my weight, I'm still trying to keep everything completely low impact.

After working out, I went upstairs to watch a movie with the two older boys, "The Aristrocrats". A really great documentary about an age old tasteless joke told by the top comedians of the time (made in 2005).

While going to sleep, we were being serenaded by a mockingbird. That bird was singing ALL NIGHT LONG and he/she knew over a hundred different bird calls. It was quite amusing actually.

And finally, I slept until 9 am. I love, love, love spring break and that I have kids old enough now that I can sleep in. Even the little guy slept until 8:45 am.

My plan for today is to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts, to take my older son to the bike shop to look for a bike for him, and to decide on a bike for me as I did sell that man's bike I picked up for myself (for a profit to put towards what I really want). What I'm deciding on now, for me, is to get my dream bike, or to get a really close to it dream bike. I think I'm going for the 'really close to it' bike as I can't justify the $$$ for the dream bike. Though man, once you have a bike with internal shifters, you understand why they are so great. Our tandem has them and you can shift whenever - pedaling or not, and there is less maintenance and no chains falling off. I like that!

Stats for 4/25/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 219.6 (36 pounds lost - close to my all time low)
Exercise total hours/minutes in 2011: 108 hours
Walking/Biking/Running totals for 2011: 349/1000

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