Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally, a new low - however so small and my new weights.

The last eight or so days I have been floating around the same one pound. Part of it was that time of the month and part of it was taco seasoning and probably taking it easy a bit while I battled a light cold. But, I finally saw a new low this morning. Even though it's only down three ounces on the scale, it's the first new low I've seen in what seems a looooong time. That puts me finally, at 35 pounds lost.

Yesterday I did go meet up with a friend at the C & O Canal National Park. Unfortunately, the main lookout was closed because of flooding, but we had a nice walk anyway. The kids were little monkeys with the rocks. The last time I was at the park I weight 45 pounds more and was terribly unfit. That time I did take one of the trails off the main path with my mentee and I remember how unsteady I felt on the rocks and it was hard. Yesterday, while climbing over the rocks, I didn't feel nearly as unsteady and I felt more comfortable and less fatigued.

On the way home, I stopped at a Whole Foods and got a yummy whole red snapper, some lamb for Easter and some items we usually can't get at our local store. When we got home, I started making dinner and the fish turned out great! Paired with grilled new baby potatoes and grilled green beans - all drowned in olive oil and garlic.

After dinner, I took a leisurely walk around the lake at dusk with my husband and my little guy. How my little guy still had energy after his long day, I don't know, but he was a trooper, all the way around. We came in and I hopped on the iPad for a bit and then decided it was time to do an upper body workout. I had walked a few miles, but my arms, shoulders, back could use some attention.

The other day I had bought hand weights. We only had 2 pound weights before that my mother in law used once upon a time. At Target I picked up 5 lbs, 8 lbs, and 10 lbs. weights. I did the Kathy Smith Time Saver (20 minute) Upper Body Workout. I had done it twice before with the 2 pounds weights (doubling up the 2 lbs in one hand where I could) in the previous viewings. This time I used each of the weights. Whenever I used the 10 lbs, I had to drop down to 8 lbs or 5 lbs partway through, but I did get the full "do it until fatigue" thing. Afterwards, my arms could barely work to post a Facebook update! Then I asked myself, "So, why did I buy heavier weights? That just makes it harder!" This morning I don't feel much residual discomfort, so it must have been enough without being too much.

Other things for today - it's supposed to be nice, so maybe a bike ride is in order along with other workouts. Also, tomorrow is my little guy's 6th birthday, so I need to make his birthday cake too (European style cakes taste better next day, so it needs to be made today). That should be fun and we'll do it together. He is one very excited kid for his birthday!

Stats for 4/21/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 220.6 (exactly 35 pounds lost)
Exercise total hours/minutes for 2011: 105 hours
Walking/Biking/Running total miles in 2011: 336/1000

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