Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm chugging along despite the hateful scale

Last night while getting ready for bed, I took off my socks, the indents these socks made looked like some one had been torturing my ankles and those socks aren't even tight. So ridiculously indented. My shorts felt tighter. Just so much water weight.

Ovulation has now passed, so I 'should' see a steady decrease in water weight starting tomorrow. I sure hope so because as much as I know what is causing all this, it's still very hard to keep a firm mental grasp. Right now, more than ever so far, I jut want to go out and pig out, but I won't.

Yesterday was more thinking about what bike I want and dreaming about getting it. I've decided that I really do want internal shifting gears. I don't want to mess with a derailleur. I also want fenders and chain guard. I've messed up too many clothes from grease. The fenders and the back rack I can add on. It's finding an affordable internal shifting bike that is hard. I can spend $1000 for an electra bike that does that, but wow! But I also found that Raleigh has a couple bikes that do that and cost $500 less. I would just need to add on the fenders and bike rack which is another $100. Once I sell the baby stroller/bike trailer I have, I'm getting it. I'm getting this one.

Here's someone who has put on fenders and a basket. I would just add a back rack:

In the end, I had to break down what is important to me and I really, really like internal shifting and if I have a heavy load of groceries or books, I want to be able to shift out of gear while at a standstill. I can only do that with internal shifting.
REI offers this bike, but of course, not at their stores. I would have to order it. Good thing is I can order it without having to buy it, but it just takes that much more time and I'm watching spring tick away. I keep looking on Craigslist too for a decent used bike with internal shifting, but nothing yet.

Trying to keep my head up despite feeling a bit dismayed with my SLOW weight loss for this month. It's still going down and I'm nowhere NEAR giving up, but I could use a downward motion on the scale boost!

Beginning weight 255.6  now 220.6

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