Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yep, I finally tried yoga

I tried it Thursday evening. And up until we really got going, I was still nervous about it. It didn't help that there were people in the class stretching before we started and they could stretch way more than I ever could. Would this class be an epic fail moment in my life? At least my husband was with me to help me be brave!

So, we start. First difference is that the room is dark. The only light is coming through the glass block wall from the gym entryway. Second, I was unprepared for 10 minutes of sitting in the lotus position. It didn't help that the instructor had to come and improve my sitting posture, then I was sitting uncomfortably for the remaining 6 or so minutes. And then we start. In the beginning, nearly ever pose he had to help me with - downward dog and others I have no idea what they were called. Later, I did get better when we were doing standing poses. And, I could see the woman next to me was struggling as much as I was and needing correction as often. So, ok, I tied for worst in class!

I ran into trouble when we go to sitting on our sitting bones and did poses like that. I broke my tailbone while delivering a nearly 12 pound baby and there are a few positions I simply cannot sit in, yoga found such positions. Friends later told me about extra pads and a yoga pillow, so I'll look into that.

The class is long, 75 minutes, but only 55 of them arer doing poses. The last ten minutes we were lying comfortably on the floor and throughout the end, the instructor came and laid a lavender scented towel across our faces. And again, I started to get impatient (less so after the towel was placed on my face) as I had things to do yet this evening.

I can see how the meditation part of yoga could be very helpful, but I don't feel it is for me if it means 5 minutes later I'm out dealing with traffic and dealing with kids and so on. If I were doing yoga at home and could then work in a serene environment after class, then yes. Yoga would be awesome for relaxation, but I don't stay relaxed for long. I get wound up fast it seems!

It was great though for stretching my muscles. I was definitely the least limber in class, but that is not a competition. I just nee to work from where I am and try to improve my flexibility. Yoga seems great for that. But it does make you sore too. I was hurting from strength training, now I'm sore in new areas and that is from yoga.

All in all though, it was a positive and not scary experience. And I will do it again. So that I can say I'll do it again is a success. My husband liked it a lot, so another thing we can do together which is always a plus.

Stats for 1/14/12:

Heighest weight: 275. Now: 177.6

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