Monday, January 30, 2012

Photos!!! - 80 pounds lost this journey, 100 pounds total!

Ok, finally, I got to this point in December and then gained weight over the holidays, so wanted to wait until I got to that weight (again). And here I am... How ironic, that I actually gained weight the last two days to put me exactly at 80 pounds lost for this journey and 100 pounds in total. Photos were taken at 81 pounds/101 pounds total lost. As always, to see the photos larger, click on them.

First, my true before photo at 275. (Only ones I have at this weight that aren't blurry):

I was there for about 1.5 years in weight. I was wearing a tight 20 pants/shorts and size 2X shirts. Then I dropped for half a year with a move and stress, but was back up to 265 very quickly. At 263 I got pregnant, lost a bit after having a baby, but gained right back up to 265 very quickly. I was 265 for a total of about 5 years. Here is a photo at 265. I was wearing a comfortable size 20 shorts and 2X t-shirt.

Then we moved again, and I lost weight during that move down to 255. I was that weight for a year before starting this purposeful journey now. Here are a few at 255. I'm wearing a very loose 20 jeans and 2x shirt in this photo. Just after this I bought a few tighter size 18s. I have saved this pair of size 20 jeans for comparison shots when I get down to goal of 160:

The above two are when I was feeling very bad. I had been having nonstop headaches and finally cut my hair. This is exactly 1 month before I started this journey.

And here I am now. Tada!!!! At 174. I have about 15 more pounds until I hit my goal end weight. Right now I wear anywhere from a size 8 to size 12 depending on the cut and designer. I figure in 15 more pounds I'm be wearing a 6-10 depending on the designer and cut.

First the better photos as I'm 'dressed up' a bit, and then the photos with mommy clothes. In these photos I'm wearing a size large top and size 10 pants. The black ones the waist are too big and keep sliding down. I need an 8 in that designer now. The 10 jeans are beginning to be a bit baggy in the last photos as well:

 I wasn't happy with the mommy sweater clothes because it looked like I had a roll of fat with the sweater, but I don't, it's just how the sweater folds over in the middle.

I noted yesterday that my face looks so strange to me now. I haven't seen it that thin since before high school graduation and I think my mouth and nose look so big because they aren't being dwarfed by double chins and huge, puffy cheeks. I can also see how my hair has really thinned out. Which I hope will reverse itself as my thyroid finally gets back to normal. At least it seems the hair loss has stopped.

And, of course, I've aged over the time. First photos were over a decade ago! I think I can safely say, I look a lot different, but you can see it's me!

Stats for 1/30/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 175