Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally back to 80 pounds lost with this weight loss journey

I started last January at 255.6. Today (again) I hit 175.6. A full 80 pounds done (again). Six more ounces and I'll be a full 100 pounds down from my start weight of highest weight ever. Again. I keep wondering what I want my reward to be for getting to my initial goal and I'm not sure! I need to replace my stolen heart rate monitor (grrr) but now I'm also intrigued by things like the bodybugg or body media device which is exactly the same as the bodybugg. I want it to be something that celebrates my new healthy lifestyle. So, going out for dinner or getting a big bowl of ice cream seems counter productive. Right? I really have a hard time spending money on myself. I mean, when I need to, I do. Like I got myself new clothes when my clothes started to get too big for me, but that was out of necessity. But buying something just for me, that benefits no one but me is something I just can't do easily. Hmmm... Maybe that is why I have so many kitchen gadgets. I can justify buying something or cooking as it benefits the entire family? It's the only thing time I don't feel "too" guilty about it. Hmmm... Even with this summer challenge of getting to 160, my reward is a nice swimming suit. It's something I need anyway. I'll just get a better fitting one. I'm rambling, as my thoughts are all over the place. It's the second time of reaching 80 pounded lot and I'm still unsure of how to celebrate it! I've only had a year plus a few weeks to think about it! Gee whiz!

Stats for 1/21/12:
Highest weight ever: 275. Now: 175.6
Total hours exercised in 2011: 12.5/250

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  1. Congrats on your 80lbs and reaching your goal. You Def need to get something for you that is an amazing feat that you have accomplished and need to celebrate I too want the Body Bug so go ahead it may just keep you on this path and you may win once and for all GO FOR IT