Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fighting the hunger

The last couple days I have been so hungry between meals which is not typical for me. I have had to give in and had a snack which has led to eating about 200 to 250 more calories per day than I would like. I'm making good choices (high protein, healthy snacks) but I have to wonder, why am I more hungry now?

Is it that my body is still readjusting to eating less after eating more over the holidays? Very likely. Is it that with starting up with exercise again it is increasing my hunger? Perhaps. Is it that it's winter and my natural tendency is to want to eat more? Perhaps. I simply don't know, but it's much more difficult to keep at it with being vigilant when I am feeling so much more hunger.

Maybe I need to keep myself more busy. I've been very "at home" the past couple weeks and so with that, I have more time to think about food too. I tend to think less about food when I'm out and about, but what the heck can I do? Especially without spending money? That is the catch isn't it? Most things cost money. You can only window shop for so long. And with it being a cold, rainy day today" who wants to walk outside? Cooking at home leads to no good either. Hmmm...

Well, today I'm hoping not to cave to the hunger pangs and I hope I get past them soon! Doing yoga this evening with my husband. I was supposed to do it this morning, but I can't drag myself to yoga with some moral support, so this evening it will be.

Stats for 1/17/12:

Heighest weight: 275.0 Now: 177.0 (no changed since yesterday)
Total hours exercised in 2012: 9/250

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  1. Gum and coffee are big helps for me when I get like this. I've often had problems with hunger after getting back on plan for the first day or two also.