Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wore a 17 year old skirt today for the very first time.

Seventeen long years ago my mother in law and I both ordered lined wool pleased skirts from LLBean. Just about that time I had lost quite a bit of weight without trying (had been more active) and I was wearing a size 16. I ordered the skirt in a size 16 and it was too tight. LLBean, then and now, tends to run a bit smaller in sizes and, I had started gaining weight.

The skirt was expensive. I remember then, all those years ago it was $80. And I never had it in my heart to get rid of it. It's such a classic skirt, that I figured one day, maybe, I would be able to wear it.

When I lost all that weight in 1997/1998, I got to very close to being able to wear it, but it was the wrong season and I needed to lose a bit more. And again I gained and it became a dream skirt again and no longer a realistic possibility.

So, just before the holidays as I was taking stock of my winter wardrobe, I saw this skirt. Size 16. So funny to wonder if it would fit when I was wearing size 10s and 12s in other brands from today's sizes. And...It fit. Fit perfectly. Not too snug, not too loose. For the very first time, it fits. And it is a size 16 from 1995. I fit similarly in LLBean's size 12 now (and can squeeze uncomfortably in their 10s). Vanity sizing is real people!

The others funny thing to that story is that I wore a green wool sweater with that skirt that my mother in law gave me as a handmedown. That sweateer is 20 years old and it matches perfectly with the skirt. Classics are great!

This picture is not of me, but it is the exact same style/color of skirt. I even wore it with black stockings and vey similar shoes today.... Just a green wool sweater, not a black one. Classic blackwatch plaid.

Stats 1/15/12:

Heightest weight: 275. Now: 177.4
Total hours exercised in 2012: 8/250

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