Saturday, January 7, 2012

The last high calorie day in the forseeable future

Most people look forward to days of good food and wine and such, but right now I'm over it. I have so much damage to undo. Problem is, I love how the food tastes. Like this morning, my mother in law made cesnitca (pronounced chestneetsa with the stress on the first syllable). It is unleavened dough rolled out and folded over with oil between the layers (a coin is hidden in the bread and whoeverr finds it will have luck in the new year). You then dip it in a combo of warmed butter and honey. I absolutely love this thing, but it is soooooooo bad for me with all those carbs, but did I limit myself with it? No I didn't as I know it's a once a year treat.

Tonight for dinner we will have a reasonable dinner of pork loin, with spaetzle and a nice green salad, but for dessert, as it's my husband's birthday, we will have sachertorte - a dark chocolate cake with whipped cream on the side. This day will be a 2000 plus calorie day probably close to 2400 and I know the scale will be up again tomorrow after coming down every day recently, but... It's a double whammy day and saying no to the goodies is beyond what my willpower can do, I'm proud of myself for not devouring half the chocolate ganache and the cake batter last night while making it.

So... I will be so glad when these holidays are over when all the goodies disappear and I can just go back to my boring routine. Right now a boring food routine sounds so appealing - getting the temptations away from me. Breathing a big sigh of relief realizing that today is the last day.

Stats for 1/7/12:

Highest weight: 255.6. Now: 181.4
Total hours exercised in 2012: 3.75/250

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