Saturday, January 28, 2012

Took new photos but not posting them yet

I had my husband take new photos of me today as I have reached and gone beyond the 80 pounds lost of this current journey (again). However, I'm not very happy with them. They are fine in quality, but I don't think I wore an outfit that shows any progress from 20 pounds ago until now. I just can't see it. So, of course, now I wonder, is it that I am just bigger than I think I am? Or is it really that the outfit was a poor choice for taking a picture so you can't see the difference as well as you might in other clothes? Or, is it that I can't see past the imperefections and focus on all the things I still see are remnants of my obesity? I was just wearing jeans and a wool hoodie sweater for the picture, nothing fancy, but they do fit well - not tight and not baggy. It's my usually mom clothes for winter. The jeans are a size 10 from DKNY and the sweater is a Smart Wool sweater in a size large. Down from a size 20 Pants and size 2X sweater and in the last photos I took I was wearing a size 14 bottoms, I think... Yes, I'm pretty sure. So I should be able to see a differerence! I'll go look at the pictures again once we get them off the camera. Maybe they are better than I think they are, but we will see. Or maybe I have a lot more weight to lose than I think I do and I don't want to think about how much longer this journey is going to be. While I'm not losing my determination, finding an end is appealing too. I want to get onto the maintaining phase where I'm not constantly thinking about when will I see the next pound drop on the scale. Stats for 1/28/12: Heighest weight: 275. Now: 174.0 Total hours worked out in 2012: 19/250

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