Monday, January 16, 2012

At the point where I can see 5 pounds

Now that I have dropped 8.6 pounds of the 14.4 pounds I gained over the holidays, I can really see it. I could see my gut getting bigger when I gained, and I can see the gut getting smaller as I drop the weight. Of course, much of the weight I've lost so far has been water, but it's interesting where it was stored... Almost exclusively in the gut. I had more of a muffin top. When I looked in the mirror, I just saw an innertube middle, but as fast as it appeared, I see it disappearing. And I notice the 5 lbs now much more than when I was at higher weights. When I had gotten down to 171.2, the amount of extra was minimal and I just knew the next ten would come mostly from the gut as that is really the only place I have anything left. I think it will make my bathing suit challenge quite interesting.

I finally told my husband that I had lowered my weightloss goal from 165 to 160. He seemed a bit worried, but when I explained that I had gotten to 171 so fast and easily, he agreed that it seemed likely that I could get to 160, but he hopes that I will not get worried if things slow down. And I won't. Actually I fully expect the last ten pounds will be a slow process and if they aren't I will wonder should I go even lower if eating as I do and working out as I do I keep dropping. All I am sure about is that each 5 pounds from here on out will be noticeable whereas in th beginning, with so much fat, it took me 15 pounds and my husband over 20 pounds to notice a differencein my body. But even my husband notices the 5 pound changes now too.

And of course, as I get fitter, I might still get smaller without even dropping pounds as fat continues to be replaced by muscle and the loose skin slowly keeps tightening up (can take 3 years) and of course, that skin has weight to it too!

Not much else today, did spinning this morning and I'm set to do yoga tomorrow at a different gym with a different instructor. We'll see how it goes!

Stats for 1/16/12:

Heighest weight: 275. Now: 177.0
Total hours excercised in 2012: 9/250

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