Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is it about hormones?

I am feeling blah today and I have no reason to be other than my hormones. I had a good night of sleep. I am not stressed. I gave a talk today among my friends and it went well, so why am I feeling blah? I understand the hormones role for my fertility, but why does it mess with my emotions? Anyone who believes in intelligent design hasn't looked too carefully at all the design bugs we humans have!

The crazy thing about this month is that I didn't gain weight before it hit (which was yesterday) which has me wondering how much water weight I am still holding and what it will mean in the next few days. Every time I think I have my body figured out it throws me for a loop and this past month my body has thrown me for one gigantic loop! First gaining all that weight so fast and then the slow and steady loss right up to the start of my monthly cycle.

Always keeping me on my toes. I wish I had something fun and witty today, but I truly feel blah today. Tomorrow I'll be talking about defatted peanut butter though!

Stats for 1/22/12:
highest weight 275.0. Now: 175.6

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