Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weight loss is easier when money isn't super tight

Well, everything is easier when money isn't super tight. Now. We are not rich. And we do have to be careful. Notice you don't hear me saying we are going out to eat all the time or going to the movies. Or going out period. We simply don't have the money for that kind of thing. But... We do have money for a great gym membership. Money for any of the foods I want or need and money for some gizmos (within reason).

Of course, you don't need all those things to lose weight, but it is making my life easier because I don't need to watch every single penny.

I thought about it with buying PB2 defatted peanut butter powder at Whole Foods a couple days ago. It's $5.49 a jar and it will last me for about 9 days I figure. A jar of Jif would last at least double that amount of time for a bit less than that.

I think about it with my gym membership. Our family pays about $90 a month. That includes most classes at 3 gyms, all the community indoor and outdoor pools, all the gym equipment, tennis courts and includes babysitting services up to 2 hours a day while I work out. Having that option is so awesome. Again, I could do this without gym membership, but how much easier is it with it?

I can find alternative foods instead of skipping meals. I can buy better shoes when I need them and so on. All because we have enough money to do so.

This year, yahoo did a report that it appears that more people made New Year's resolutions about financial matters than about health matters - which is unusual. And I get it. If you are struggling financially, it's really hard to put your effort into taking care of health issues too. And if you are wondering where your next month's rent payment is coming from, you aren't going to be thinking as much about buying a fat free peanut butter versus the regular peanut butter you can get with a coupon.

I grew up with having nothing. Food stamps, welfare, food banks. I knew what it really meant to say you didn't have any money. No money really meant no money - not even spare change. The other day a college aged kid dropped a quarter at the grocery counter, saw he dropped it, but decided to leave it. I picked it up. And was amazed at how anyone could "not be bothered" to pick up a quarter. I don't think I'll ever take it for granted that we "have" when so many do not and I used to be among the "have nots". And it's another reason not to squander away my health. I have every advantage to do it. So I need to do it!

Stats for 1/10/12:

Highest weight: 255.6. Now: 182.4

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