Monday, June 4, 2012

Totally my fault, but the scale went where it was never to go again!

The scale this morning read 170.4. Oh. my. God. While I knew it was a possibility, my heart still sank. Two days of eating sweets and there I was - the forbidden zone! Ack!!!!

I know much of it is carb water weight and will come off in a day or two, but I also know there will be no weight loss this month. I've taken that possibility away. There will probably be a slight gain, actually. The good news is that I had a fairly decent night of sleep  - sort of and I'm eating better today, but holy smokes is my body sensitive to carbs! And is my mind sensitive to lack of sleep. I just keep saying to myself, "This is the last week of school Melissa." and "This is the last busy weekend." And then I'll have a bit of a reprieve from stress and time demands.

My mind is in a better place about it now though. All those eons ago when I lost weight, and would get these major sweets cravings, I didn't understand them. I didn't get the connection between lack of sleep and this insatiable desire to eat crap. How was I so dense? When it is so obvious? Duh!

So while I still succumbed to the sugar, I know how to reverse the pattern - just like that! Back on track, no excuses!

Stats for 6/4/12:

Highest Weight: 275  Now: 170.4 Eek!


  1. Are you by any chance a paraeducator for hcpss? You look very familiar to me. I am enjoying your blog, by the way.

    1. Hi Julia and thanks! No, I am not a paraeducator for hcpss, but I volunteer every day at Bryant Woods in my son's classroom. Maybe you've seen me coming and going there.