Saturday, June 9, 2012

This really is beginning to feel like a lifestyle

While I've been super, duper busy the past few weeks and while yes, the scale has creeped up a bit, I have a good 'feel' for what I need to do without having to document it all and having to stop and think, "Can I eat this?" Or thinking, "I should be moving more." I know what is right and what's too much and too little now. I think about things like I never have before.

Before, at a party I would eat whatever I wanted. Now, I think a bit more about it. Before, even if I ate a lot for a party, I would still eat later. Now, I will scale way back or not eat anything else at all later on (and amazingly, I'll find I'm truly not hungry!). It seems I'm finding a healthy balance - as long as sleep is in place that is! The gain I saw this month was from lack of sleep. I get it more than ever how important it is to keep good sleep a top priorty (funny I say that when I know I'll have a short night of sleep tonight!)

It feels good that it seems to be a true lifestyle now. I wondered how that would feel as I transitioned from losing weight to maintaining my weight loss. It had been a top priority to watch so completely carefully every morsel of food and every minute of exercise. While I still plan to do that, with the crazy schedule and demands of my time the past few weeks, I've not written anything down. I just try to walk more, move more and limit my calories and since I know what foods have so much and I'm eating basically the same thing daily anyway (same breakfast and similar lunch every day), I feel good about it.

I had stopped wearing my fitness gizmo for awhile because I didn't find it told me anything I didn't know already. Well, I started wearing it again to gauge if I was moving as much as I thought I was or not while I wasn't documenting activity and food intake. While it doesn't capture everything; like today it said I did 17 minutes of activity - moderate activity when I had spent 2 hours outside shoveling sand, lifting stepping stones and shifting sand around, it does let me know I'm burning about 2200-2400 calories a day. And I think I'm eating about 1450-1750 a day. And well, I don't think I do burn as high as the gizmo thinks I should as I don't see as much loss as it says I should even when I was keeping careful track of everything. But still, at this rate I should be still slowly losing - and that's with not documenting anything. That, to me, shows I've switched to this truly being a lifestyle change. I was getting about 2200-2400 calorie burn when I was trying to get a good calorie burn. I am just more active without really trying as hard as it's become part of my lifestyle!

Stats for 6/9/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 167.6

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