Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am so bloated

And I blame the poison ivy. I have it on my tummy and my underarm and a bit on my forearm. The scale just keeps going up and that's the only thing I can see that is 'off'. Well, until today. Today I went on a cookie feast - stupidly. That's a well-rounded meal plan right? 2 cookies for breakfast, a hamburger and fruit for lunch, 4 cookies for snack, 2 cookies for dinner and a quesadilla. Good grief!!!

I need to reel it in as that is just plain stupid eating! And I know it! I did fine yesterday and for several days before that, but then today happened. I don't even know what caused it except they were there - looking at me.  I need to figure it out.

So now more of my bloat is from carb bloat along with the poison ivy bloat - NO FUN!

Tomorrow is back at the same. My younger son starts camp tomorrow and he's so excited. This week will be a week I need to get it "all together" as best as I can which includes getting that yard work done. A good case of poison ivy isn't helping my enthusiasm to get back out there, to say the least! But I need to! I can't have a blocked off driveway forever! And I need to start back up at the gym as I'm seeing my hard work at the gym fading away with this easy peasy yard work I've been doing.

No more blowing it!!!

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