Sunday, June 10, 2012

The body is a funny thing

Yesterday morning the scale read 167.6. I noticed all day I was drinking and drinking and just not peeing. Huh? How come? I had a decent night of sleep. I hadn't eaten anything strange that I know of. I had spent a couple hours of vigorous activity in the yard. What could cause the lack of peeing.

When I stepped on the scale as I was heading to bed, I was blown away with seeing 173.6. That's 6 pounds more than in the morning! AND I hadn't eaten any food since 4 pm, so I know it wasn't food weight! Dude! I was seriously holding water.

I had a very, very, very short night of sleep - 3.5 hours and this morning I still barely had to pee. I didn't have a chance to weight myself this morning as my darling husband was hugging the toilet bowl in the bathroom where the scale lives. I was starving since I hadn't eaten since 4 pm and had been awake for so long. But I'm sure it was pretty darn high.

Now, after a day of not so good eating (hello - lack of sleep!) though not super terrible, the scale says 175. That is 8 pounds in 36 hours and will probably be 6 pounds difference in 48 hours.

Isn't that incredible?  And I see almost ALL that weight in my gut - Well, my feet too, but since my gut has shed a lot of the fluff, I can now tell when I get bloated.

It's probably all hormones too - my body is in a  big shift and for some strange reason, it likes to hold water when the hormones get flowing for either menstruation and ovulation. So much for that invisble line of 170.... I just need to work hard this upcoming month!

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