Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I think I found my philosophy on eating online yesterday

Yesterday someone on a weight loss site linked this post:

I read it and was like, "yep, yep, yep, yep..." and then "What diet is this? It seems to be mine, but I'm not following a prescribed diet or a formulaic diet. I'm just doing what makes sense and works!"

Well, seems there is someone, lots of someones who are saying the same thing. This particular guy is a bit more paleo than I am. Like I will eat grains and I will eat beans, but I limit them - same with sugar. Trying to stay away from them is very difficult and like most things, I think moderation is key... but essentially, yes, what Kris has to say is what I feel is true too.

His whole "does this make evolutionary sense" is how I've done some parenting too. Like scheduling nursing, baby feeding, sleeping, dinners etc. We didn't live by a clock almost ever in our existence, so why do we think we need to do that now to be healthy? Fats have always been an important part of our diet, so why now are they so 'bad'? Well, after doing research, I think it's bullarkey. I don't trust the so called medical research because like most research, it's flawed I just have to use common sense to me. We need fats, proteins and carbs and I think we eat too many carbs as a whole. If you eat less carbs, you have to eat more protein and/or fat. Many people just increase the protein. While I do increase protein,, I don't just eat protein because that's hard on the body and I don't believe fat is evil.  My very good health, very good blood test results only support that, for now, at least, eating a lower carb and higher fat diet is healthy.

Does that mean everyone should stop eating all carbs and live on bacon? NO!!! It means, eating full fat dairy isn't bad. It means that eating fatty meat or the skin of chicken isn't bad. Just like all carbs aren't bad. Eat some cherries and an apple. We get something from those foods nutritionally. Ask yourself, What do you get out of a bagel? Stuff like that - when you really think about it - food should be filling, but filling for hours, not for a tiny bit. Filling foods that keep you full are fatty or full of protein or both. Carbs, in the end, just make you hungrier for more carbs - with the exception of high fiber fruit.

Anyway... I'll have his blog on my radar from now on. He makes sense to me. Poke around his site, check it out. I'm not endorsing anything and neither does he (though he does mention a book or meal plan that at least jives with what he agrees with). But I implore you to start thinking about food differently - especially those who have metabolic issues like blood sugar issues... makes me glad that both my nutritionist while I had gestational diabetes and my internist now said to eat lower carb. It has made allllll the difference in the world in how I feel and I'm convinced that's why I've been so successful at losing this weight and at keeping it off.

Stats for 6/14/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.0

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