Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interesting couple of days

Yesterday I had a meeting for work. When I went in, I discovered that my boss had resigned - effective immediately as of past Friday. Of course, we all were thrown for a loop - especially us part-timers and temporary hires. We were hired because of her vision of the department and the direction she wanted to take it. Who says that the next person will want that same vision? or the same employees? Of, if there even will be a new boss as they might just shuffle departments around.

We all were assured tout our jobs are safe. No one is getting laid off and if we were hired for 6 months, we were hired for 6 months and we'll see from there. We were told, "Now is your time to shine". So... I will try to shine. I don't know what this will do for a resume refresher, but it's too soon to tell. I'll just go with the punches and try my best and see where things end up. That's all I can do, right?

My son also started camp yesterday. He was so excited about archery today that he was up before dawn which then meant he crashed shortly after getting home this evening. Who knows what his sleep will be like, but I sure hope he sleeps as I only got 5 hours last night and that's never good.

Besides working, I worked a lot in the yard today. My poison ivy rash is getting better on my stomach, but it's still spreading on my arm. I sure hope I didn't come into more contact with poison ivy today. I wore new socks, new gloves and different shirt and shorts. I'll wash all the other stuff in Tecnu. Tonight I showered in Tecnu too, though it was probably too late to get any poison ivy oils off my skin as I had been out there for hours and hours - including spraying Poison Ivy Round-Up on some poison ivy in the yard. Darn stuff!  I probably put in 4-5 hours in the yard today. I'll try to put in similar hours tomorrow.

The scale is still climbing. Part of it is my eating, but part of it is this poison ivy. My arm is so swollen and my whole body is reacting, I guess. I tend to get edema with anything and everything, so I shouldn't be surprised.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I'll work some and work in the yard. I really want to get this mulching all done. Tomorrow I "might" be able to get it all done, but then it will be time to clean up the darn yard! I have all sorts of crap to get rid of!

Stats for 7/26/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 174.0

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