Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not sure what's up with the scale

Every time I step on the scale I weigh a half pound to a pound more. My husband's weight has crept up a few pounds this week too, but mine has crept up 5. I can see that my ankles are swollen, my fingers are swollen and my gut is poofy, but from what?

I somewhat suspect it's the heat wave, but I've also come in contact with poison ivy in a couple places. Could that allergic reaction be making me hold water?

I've been diligently counting calories and it's not from overeating. Yesterday I ate 1380 calories, yet gained half a pound. Stuff like that. Ugh!!!So annoying!

Plan for today is to work at the pool for my job and then go to a couple events this evening for a couple stories for the same job. Then I'll make some cookies to take to a play date tomorrow for my other job. I'm hoping to stay out of the cookie dough! That's all I need is MORE weight gain on top of the water weight gain I'm experiencing.

Stats for 6/23/12:

Highest Weight: 275  Now: 172.0

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