Thursday, June 14, 2012

I feel so sluggish!

I wish I knew what was zapping me because I'm soooooo sluggish. I run out of steam almost every day, yet I'm anxious too.

Possible suspects:

1. Thyroid is way out of whack again.
2. My anemia is getting worse.
3. Lack of sleep is the root of the cause.
4. I've added in more carbs to my diet (out of convenience) and it's making me sluggish.

I think the first I need to address is #3. I need to get better sleep. I'm just having a hard time adjusting to working from home doing two part time jobs. Also, getting used to both kids being home all day as well as having TWO big projects going on at home.  I'm reallllly hoping the yard project will be done by Sunday. At least the bulk of it will be and I'll feel some of the pressure is off. Then I can move to painting and then cleaning up the house (which is getting painfully neglected as I work outside) before we go on vacation in mid July.

Then, I need to address #4. I need to lay off the carbs. They are probably affecting #1 and #2 too.

Today, ALL I did in the yard was plant 74 TINY annuals in the front flower bed. Last year I did similarly and a ton more and I was fine. Today? That totally drained me - I was done. And of course, it's a vicious cycle. The less I get done, the more stressed I get and then the less sleep I get, so the more carbs I eat and the less energy I have and so on.


Stats for 6/15/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 168.6

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