Saturday, June 2, 2012

Digging in the garden and darn measurements!

So, in the middle of last month I took measurements - boobs were down, waist was down, hips were down.  I took measurements this morning and everything is back up!!! What? Means I must have gained a bit of weight! Man a live... that stinks. Well, nothing to do but buckle down.

Today is a busy day. This morning I made 6 trays of cookies and 96 mini cupcakes and 15 large cupcakes and frosting. I still need to tint the frosting and decorate the cupcakes.

I then spent three hours outside gardening - sort of. First, my husband and I unloaded the stepping stones from the pallet and then I started digging up the path for the stone walkway. Three hours of that - so much for getting to planting. I figured it made more sense to get the stones in first before planting. My poor plants are still all in those little plastic pots!

Then I made dinner and now I'm about to start decorating the bazillion cupcakes! Hope they turn out cute! And I'll try to stay out of the buttercream. As it is I ate too many cookies today! (my lunch).

stats for 6/2/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 168.2

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