Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lack of sleep caught up with me - bad eating!

Last night i succumbed to it. I was decorating the cupcakes and ate a lot of frosting. Today I grabbed several cookies, a donut and a couple cupcakes too. Man oh man... lack of sleep is my number one issue with weight gain. And I must never, ever forget that.

It makes complete sense. First, your body is dragging. Your body needs a boost of energy to do with it what you are asking it to do. If sleep isn't possible, food is. So, you want to eat and it's always (at least in my case) high carbs food - sweets for quick release energy.

Then, with lack of sleep, your ability to think rationally and clearly are less. You listen to the 'bad' voices more readily. "Go ahead! Eat that cookie. It's only one. It can be your lunch. You won't get hungry."  And then an hour later, you are even more hungry, "Mmm. I already touched that donut (getting it for my son, but he didn't want that kind). I guess I should eat it."  On better days, when I've had enough sleep. It would be, "You are hungry, eat a lunch. Skip the cookie because that won't satisfy you for long and will only make you hungrier in the long run." And, "Darn it! Now I have to throw away this donut because I've touched it already!"

So, tonight I need to get a good night of sleep and face the scales. I didn't step on them this morning as I had a short night of sleep and I knew it wouldn't be good. Won't be tomorrow either, but oh well..

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