Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As weight loss has tricked down, my thoughts

There are a few ways I could look at my very, very slow weight loss now. If you can call it weight loss. I lost a bit, gained a bit, but not quite as much as I had lost. Pretty much, I've lose 6-7 pounds and that's it since right before the holidays.  And that is somewhat misleading as I did gain around the holidays and had to lose that weight (again). But any way you look at it - my weight loss is painstakingly slow.

I could say - that's it - diet's over. I'm no longer going to try to lose weight because what's the point. I'm barely losing so maybe I should just move to maintenance mode (whatever that means).

I could say - darn it - I need to buckle down. I want to lose 7-15 more pounds and I just need to get stricter with my food intake and work harder with my exercise/fitness.

Or, I could say or admit  this - Well, this weight loss thing has trickled down quite a bit. That's OK, every little bit I don't eat or every little bit I do move is creating a deficit. So what if that means a pound a month loss. It's still losing and still getting me closer to where I want to be weight-wise and fitness-wise. I'm at a healthy weight (for my frame). Now it's just fine tuning and there's no rush. Just keep trying to make good decisions and see where that leads to with weight and fitness.

I have to say, my husband has helped me quite a bit with the 'slow loss' thing. He started losing weight last year a bit after I did. He didn't have much to lose and like most diet efforts, he lost the most in the beginning. He went from 185 to 175 in about 6 months. Then it took him another 6 months to get to from 175 to 170. Then the holidays hit and he gained 5 pounds. It's taken him 6 months to lose those 5 pounds again. He would like to lose 5 more pounds, but he doesn't care if it takes 6 months or even a year. He just keeps swimming and eating right and little by little it keeps coming off. He has also really trimmed up with muscle strength and looks great and feels great.

So, I'm not 'giving up' or going to despair at my slow ups and downs. As long as the main direction is still downward, I'll be fine with that. Last month it was going upwards, but that's all back under control and headed downwards again.  So... it might take me another 6 months to a year to take off that last little bit, but my body still thanks me. It's just happy to be moving and getting quality food.

Stats for 6/18/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.8

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