Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well, I think I can officially say I'm down another size

Last night when I went to the bathroom, I undid my belt and thought I undid my pants, but when I got up and started to do up my pants, I realized I had slipped them down over my hips without undoing the button and the zipper. These a a 12. About 1/3 of my pants are 10s but those are brands that tend to run generous, but today sealed it. I went to TJmaxx to find a little something for my older son for under the Christmas tree as he's getting a computer for Christmas, but he will start using it before Christmas as his old computer isn't usable. Anyway, while I was there, I decided to look at pants for me as my selection is getting limited at home. I grabbed three 10s and one 8. One ten was a bit baggy! Two tens fit perfectly and the size 8 fit perfect (I could tell it was a generous cut.) all different brands and not even a muffin top on the waist, so they are not too tight. Wow! From a tight 20 to a 10 and some 8s.

I remember a bit over a year ago how thrilled I was that I got to an 18 in some brands (remember I had lost 10 pounds the year before). It felt so good to be able to get out of the 20s and now there is a good possibility I'll get down to single digits? Me? With vanity sizing that would be what used to a 12 if I can fit into 8s when I get to goal. Currently at a 10 which is a former size 14. That is the smallest size I could imagine getting into ever again.

Last night I tried to recall when I weighed 165. I have no idea. I think between 16 and 17. The only weights I recall are 145 at just turning 15 (and still growing and filling out, but I was thin) and 18.5 and graduating from high school and weighing 179 full dressed, so about 175. And I was a bit chubby.

It's really hard to fathom getting to the size I was at 16 and 17, but here I am.... Inching closer and closer!

Stats for 12/7/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 173.2

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