Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another day escaped me! Tis the season!

That I've missed as few days as I have is incredible. And these past few weeks I have been incredibly busy and will remain so until the kids are home for winter break - which will be the shortest on record - one week. That is it. In a way it's good as my oldest son is a slug, but it's bad too as they would like to go skiing and when? Doesn't help the weather has been so mild. There's no snow yet and too warm to even make snow in the nearby mountains. Of course it is the year they bought a season pass.

But back to be being busy. Yesteday we hosted my husband's office party and had a total of 49 people in the house. It was a ton of fun and kind of amazing that we were able to get the house ready in one not so rushed afternoon. We even had time to shower and put up a few more decorations. It was potluck, so no major food stuff, but enough to get set up so it was comfortable and safe for everyone - things like dusting off the kids toys in the basement. Moving chairs around and even moving the Christmas tree in a more out of the way place. Chillin drinks, and so on.

The day before was spent, remember, baking like a mad woman. First my mother in law made a dessert and since she never works in the kitchen, she asked me to be nearby if she needed to find something. Then I volunteered at the school for an hour like I always do. Then it was show time in the kitchen. All that biscotti, chocolate chip cookies and 4 large German Christmas stollen. I got all the baking done, but still needed to clean up the kitchen. That was priority number one on Saturday morning. As you can imagine what my kitchen looked like with all day of cooking - a nice cooked meal thrown in there too.

But something else about these last couple days. I have slept like crap and I don't know why. Was it late night caffeine? Was it excitement? Was it too many carbs? I don't know.

I have eaten way, way, way more than I have in eons. And several days in a row. The whole point of making this month a maintaining month. There are just too many goodies I really want and denying myself them will just make me feel like I'm missing out on something. I also know that I'll be right back to eating right as soon as the big holiday events are over. I can feel that I'm in control, just choosing to eat differently. There is a big, big difference.

Tomorrow will be a more normal day. I have some things to do and part of that will include planting the rest of the bulbs. Who would have guessed that I would get another shot at that. The weather is supposed to be mild, so I'll put it to good use. Might get a haircut too and errands, as always.

One week until Christmas.... And I have no idea what I weigh today. I ate and drank before weighing myself as I was up in the middle of the night. Tomorrow might be a big eye opening shock!

Beginning wight: 255.6. Now: ???.?
Total miles walked in 2011: 987/1000

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