Thursday, December 22, 2011

Learned more about these water weight gains with eating carbs

And it makes so much sense. For me, not understanding my body was the most frustrating thing about the water weight gain. I can predict it happening, but wanted to know why it happened. So I asked on the weight loss forum and voila, in seconds I had an answer. I love the internet! My searching didn't lead to anything useful as all I found was that eating high carb does not make you fat...eating too many calories makes you fat - well, duh!

So, I got pointed to this blog post. It explains it perfectly. (can't see the link on my iPad, so I'm double posting it, one with HTML and one without so people can copy and paste if they are having the same problem with seeing the link.)

Now that I understand why I gain so much when I eat sugary things (haven't eaten high carb non sugar things in a year), I'm ok with it. I am replenishing my glycogen stores. Who knows, it might even be good for me to do that once in awhile.

The reason why I asked about it is that yesterday I baked and sampled the goods and again this morning I was up 1.6 pounds, which I knew I would be. Doing more baking today, so it will probably go up again, but now that I understand why it is happening, I'm more at peace with it. When I resume my normal eating and activities, I'll see a big whoosh and will deal with the little bit of actual fat I gained after the holidays are over. I didn't have a sugar binge, but it was more than I'm accustomed to and my body just latches onto it. Our bodies are amazing things!

So... About time to bake 60 gingerbread figures for my 1st graders class.

Stats for 12/22/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 176.6

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