Friday, December 9, 2011

One day before the big birthday

Well, here I am one day before my 42nd birthday and I feel really good. I have spent the last two weeks or so tearing my house apart and decluttering as I go. Every drawer, every cupboard, every closet. Completely torn apart (except for my husband's study and that won't escape my touch either. I just need his help and ok to help organize). So, that makes 3 bedrooms, a craft room, a family room, a dining room, and kitchen and a mud room. Today I hit the garage which I did this summer, so that will be a minor tidying of stuff we got out for fall cleanup and last will be the storage room in the basement. And I saved that for last as I knew things from others rooms would land down there. Not sure when I will get to the basement. I might wait until the holiday stuff comes down and gets put away. Anyway, I am ending this year with a clean and tidy home. Feels so great.

With that all done, I hope to finally hang pictures on the wall and hanging curtains in the rooms. We have lived here for two years and we haven't done that yet! 6 months was remodeling, but then my health fell apart and I felt horrible. I started to feel better, but my priorities shifted to me and not to the house. Throw in the two months of people having pneumonia and we got behind on everything. We are finally catching up and even getting to deep cleaning.

That is the good news. The not very good news is that my blood pressure has gotten high again. I don't know why. It could be my thyroid acting up or it could be that I couldn't completely control my blood pressure by diet and exercise any more. Readings have been between 150/90 to 160/95. Not scary high like it was last year, but high enough that I need to take medications for it.

I have to admit, this really bummed me out. I have been doing so much good for my body and health, but I couldn't make it perfect. It got perfect, but something changed. Dropping nearly 85 pounds in 12 months hasn't done it. Exercising regularly hasn't done it. But I have to look at it positively. It could be much higher and I could need a higher dose and maybe, just maybe it can get better if it's still my thyroid acting up. We will see as I have my doctor appointment next week.

Stats for 12/9/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 171.4

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