Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I think I will head back down to the basement

Getting to the gym these days is difficult. I have a commitment at noon at the school for volunteering and so much to do at home, that taking the time to drive to the gym, dress for it, do the class and come back, shower and redress just takes too much of my precious day. But I can commit to myself to work out in the basement. I have some great workout videos and no reason not to do them. So.... I vow that tonight I will do some strength training in the basement!

Today I am wearing a new pair of pants and new sweater. The cords I had were the ones I could pull down without undoing, so I bought some new cords and matching sweater. Well fitted clothes make you look better and slimmer. And damn, I'm beginning to look pretty good! I havent seen so little flab on my body for a very long time. I can wear almost anything I want as long as it covers my stretch mark streaked belly and the loose skin and something that allows a bra so I can support my chest. So, a bikini might not be my outfit of choice!

Lots to do today. Readying for Christmas and for a holiday party. But I love this time of year!

Beginning weight: 255.6. now: 172.6

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