Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Avoided sugar yesterday and now I feel so much better!

I actually ate more yesteday than I normally do as I was getting the nonstop Munchies. I just tried really hard to not give into the simple carbs for food and I ate protein heavy foods yesteday and came in around 1800 calories. Today I feel much more in control over my eating and I don't feel the craving demons nagging at me every second. Took 1.5 days of being very vigilant to get back to normal. And that feels a lot, lot better.

Of course, I need to do more baking today, but it's about over with the baking frenzy. I'll get through it and then phew... Nothing much again for another year! Scale keeps dropping pounds too.

Today I went to the local consignment shop and it's nice to be a normal size as more things can fit me. I bought an ugly christmas sweater and it lights up. It's a size medium and it's even a bit baggy. I was wearing a 2x a year ago. What a huge transformation.

Not much else today. Really wrapping it up for the holidays. I have a lot to do in the next few days, but I love it, so I'm not complaining... Well, maybe a little. Some colder weather would be nice. It's 60 degrees today. When are the two big boys going to get to go skiing?

Stats for 12/21/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 175.0

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