Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry for skipping a day! Busy! And a possible new goal!

I've been super busy. We have a party tomorrow (Saturday) and I've been a mad woman getting things in order. The house was already in order, but I made a gingerbread house covers for the playhouse and today I lived in the kitchen - 12 hours to get dinner, stollen, chocolate chip cookies and biscotti made. Not even for tomorrow, but for Sunday. I won't have time to do all that stuff tomorrow as tomorrow it will be readying the house for 45-50 guests - moving furniture around, filling ice chests, etc. That I'm in bed and feel I'm in a good spot at 10:30 pm tonight is a good sign.

Today was also a planned high calorie day - one of the days I knew I would go over during the holidays. I was baking, so I sampled some biscotti batter (yum) and plenty of chocolate chip cookie dough. Batters are my weakness, so the actual sweets wont be much of a temptation for me. It's better that way too as treats last for days and days. Baking of them lasts for only an hour or two and with yeast doughs, even sweet doughs, you can't sample the dough, so breads arer a very small temptation for me.

Something else I'm thinking about too. I was looking at myself in the mirror today in my bra and panties and I think just maybe I might see how I look in a bikini this summer. I'm giving myself 6 months to tone up and drop the few extra pounds and see if there is anything out there that is somewhat flattering. I will have stretch marks which extend above my belly button (second childbirth gave me those high ones. Huge baby - more stretch marks). But really, should stretch marks keep me from a bikini? If for one year in my 40s and at that mental block age of 42 be the year to stare at death and say - "Not yet. I'm fit and healthy and strong. And I can rock a bikini at about the same age my estranged father was facing his death."

We'll see. But it's a good goal to work towards and having a goal helps me! But now... Sleep. I need it!

Beginning weight: 255.6 Now: 171.6
Miles walked in 2011:977/1000

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