Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well, good thing today happened today and not yesterday

What do I mean? Well, I woke up this morning barely needing to pee despite drinking a lot before going to bed. I knew that would mean a big gain on the scale and yep, sure enough, up 1.8 pounds from yesterday. My ovulation gain, right on time. And, because of it, I again weigh more than my husband. I just had to laugh about it.

I did eat a bit more yesterday, but only by a wee bit. About 1850 calories and that included a piece of cake. Nothing to worry about and it was a very good, yummy food day. However, I can't mess with mother nature and that internal clock. My body is gearing up to ovulate. So this morning, there it begins. I was so happy that waited until the day after my birthday. How very kind of my body.

Today was a good day. I wore a new dress (can say that a lot these days as I had to build a whole new wardrobe), but 4 dresses is hardly a lot and all of them I got on huge sales. Every time I get a bit dressed up I think about how I need to take a new photo for the 80 pounds lost, but I always forget or it's a bad time. But very, very soon. I can't decide of its better for me to be wearing a dress or pants to show my progress better. But dressed, yes!

And now to finish out is year. Back to the gym this week as my mad cleaning around the house is all over. I actually miss the gym!

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 172.8

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