Sunday, December 4, 2011

So busy yesterday that I missed an important date!

Yesterday, one year prior was when I had a doctor‘s appointment. It was the first appointment that I had made 6 weeks prior because of daily, nonstop headaches. I was afraid to go to the doctor because I was afraid of what he would say. I knew I had a weight issue and I was pretty sure I was having sugar issues, but I didn't want to know. It was only daily, all day pain that got me to finally do the smart thing. And now I'm so thankful for those terrible headaches. Without that, where would I be today?

So, it was a year ago yesterday that I discovered my blood pressure was sky high. Readings were around 230/120. When I left the office it was 190/100 something. I started taking blood pressure meds and within three days the headaches were gone. And besides twice having random headaches and that neck strain for a month, I have been headache free for the first time in decades. It was a week or so later around December 11th that I discovered that my thyroid and cholesterol and blood sugars were out of whack. And then it was when I finally started to feel better with normal blood pressure that I realized I was ready to change things around which just happened to coincide with the New Year.

And here I was a year later at my lowest adult weight ever, getting fairly fit, with normal blood sugars, good cholesterol levels, good blood pressure, and all drug free. The reality I feared was not as scary. I had dreamed it would be. I was my own worst enemy.

With all that said, the scale was up a random 2 pounds this morning and I think it will go even higher tomorrow. Go figure, but I know it's all a fluke and will come back down again as everything is under control.

Stats for 12/4/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 175.0

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