Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So sorry for my laziness

I had been hurling through life at lightening speed the last few weeks, that I just needed a break from all obligations which included this blog. Plus really, what could I say? I was enjoying the holidays which included partaking in the holiday goodies.

I'm still in shock a bit at how much I can gain and how quickly, but knowing more about it helps with not getting upset about it. When I buckle down when the kids go back to school, I'll have a big whoosh and will find in the end that most of this gain was water and I'll be left with losing 2-4 pounds of fat. Anyone can lose 2-4 pounds. After losing 80 in the past year, I'm not sweating small gains as that is life. I will not remain a steady 165 all the time, every day, every month. That is not how life works. So, come every late December and early January I will gain and every mid January to February I will work on losing what's been gained. Simple as that. I cannot beat myself up for living life. I just can't ignore things either like I used to do.

What else? Well, I am formulating a new challenge for the next year and have already mentioned it a bit, but on December 31st I will put it out there for real. I will also have an exercise goal too as its not all about how I look, but how healthy I am too.

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 183.2
Total miles walked in 2011:1005/1000. Yep I made it!

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