Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spent part of yesterday looking at swimsuits online

Its Christmas break and I needed a break desperately. From everything. From housework, volunteering, cooking, the blog, everything, but... I'm beginning to wind back up after some much needed R&R. And that includes thinking about my new challenge for 2012. I want to look great in a swimsuit. Or as good as I possibly can.

Fist problem with swimsuits are fitting the breasts. Why, why are swimsuits made as if we are all built the same way? Do we all wear one size bra? No. Then why are swimsuits made with one cup size? A few companies make two sizes - regular cup and d-cup, but that is it and even that is not right for me. What happens to women who at more endowed is that they look like this: . This is when your boobs are smashed. You look fat and flat and not womanly at all. Who doesn't feel self conscious then? And while you are all smashed like that you push your breasts to the side or middle and try to make it look as normal as possible which is futile.

Second problem I have and many women have are skin imperfections. I have long ago faded stretch marks on my thighs mostly from growing and also from gaining weight. And also, of course, my stomach from pregnancy. And now loose skin (but that is getting better and better).

I secretly would love to be able to wear a bikini this summer. Just to say I have gotten that far in this journey to be able to show that much skin. However, even with tons of toning and more weight loss, it will be hard to find a suit that might work. I found with help several designers that makes suits for hard to fit bodies and those that make bottoms that are more full coverage. This first one I love her fabrics. But... Are her swimsuits really for the large busted? I guess I'll see. I love the suit on the cover of the 2012 season. Perfect for the white skinned like me.

Suits that might be better for me and my body type though are from these few companies. The make their suits with real bras built in. What woman wouldn't feel more confident if the suit actually fit her better? First there'd is Panache. . Then there is Freya: and then Fantasie swimwear: . And finally Bravissima swimwear:

Notice how almost all of them that have bigger cup sizes are made in the UK? What's up with that? Same with the best bras. When I get to my final size I'll also invest in more pretty and sexy bras. I'm tired of grandma looking bras!

So... Looking through all of that is motivating me to get more in shape and to get with the program so that I have a chance to look halfway decent in a swimsuit this summer. Who says 40's can't be sexy?

Stats for 12/29/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 182.2

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