Friday, December 2, 2011

The extra little motivation to help me through the holidays

I realized last night while getting ready for bed that I weigh very closely to what my husband weighs. Is morning when we weighed in, it was confirmed, my husband gained a wee bit over thanksgiving and he weighs 172.8. My weigh in this morning was 174.2. That is just one and a half pounds different! I can so do that.

Of course my husband said, "Well, I'm not going to stand by and just watch you catch up. You'll have to try to catch me!". His goal is to get to 165. My new goal too. I bet I'll get there fastere than he will because I'm more disciplined. He'll grab snacks and goodies and grab a glass of wine with dinner, but how long will it take me to get to 170? I'm. Not really in a race and I'll just keep doing what I've been doing with exercise and diet... Slowly but steadily getting there with eating right, but I've got momentum on my side.

Speaking of motivation, I think my mother in law is freaked out about me getting closer to her weight. If she hadn't have been sick, I would be under what she weighed, but she went on her usual weigh loss plan- get sick so she can't eat plan. She now weighs about 163. And I'm noticing her picking at dinner these days. She doesn't want me to get smaller than her! Yesterday we went to get my birthday present (a new robe) and after trying it on, she asked "what size is that?" and I said a size medium. Why would she ask as she won't buy anything for me without me picking it out and trying it on? She is motivated to get smaller! I would like to say it's just like my husband's motivation to get fitter and lose weight which is that good habits rub off on others, but in her case, it was only when I was wearing the same size pants that she wears that she took any interest in my size and when she started eating less. But hey, if it gets her to move more and eat better too, that is fine. I don't really care if she's small than me. She has a tiny build, so she would be smaller than me. But it is kind of funny.

Okay... Lots to do today!

But I did remember to take measurements this morning! I forgot yesterday!

Stats for 12/2/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6 Now 174.2
Total miles walked in 2011: 952/1000

Monthly Measurements:

Starting chest: 47"  Now: 41" (change since last month: down 0" for a total loss of 6")
Starting Waist: 43" Now: 32" (change since last month: down 1" for a total loss of 11")
Starting Hips: 50" Now: 41" (change since last month: down 1" for a total loss of 9")
Starting Arm: 18" Now: 14" (change since last month: down 0" for a total loss of 4")
Starting Thigh: 30" Now: 23.25"(change since last month: down .75" for a total loss of 6.75")

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