Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This neck strain

Well, I'm now pretty convinced that these headaches are being caused by a neck muscle strain. I try so hard to be careful about my form in the strength training class, but I can almost remember feeling it immediately after doing it during some crunches.

So today is supposed to be a strength training day, but I think I'm going to take it easy and just walk today. The weather is grand and my body needs to heal. I've been having daily, all day headaches for over a week now (maybe close to 2 weeks?) and I need to address that pain, not ignore it. So, some heat and resting that muscle group (not doing crunches for a few days) will be what I try. Some self-massage too as my massage therapist husband is on a trip until Wednesday evening for work.

Yesterday I managed a couple miles of walking and that's about it for exercise. I could stand to do some yard work, but I'm going to hold off on that too as stooping isn't probably the best way to deal with that muscle strain either.

It's really interesting how such a thing can give me so much trouble - like radiating pain all through my head, I need to take excedrin kind of pain. I hate that!!!

And today is the last day of the antibiotic for the urinary tract infection. And holy crap am I holding water weight. I grabbed my larger pants today as I was beginning to feel the bloat in my size 12s and forget any size 10s. Officially I'm now well over the poundage where I would need to add back that slice of pizza, but I know it's all water as my eating has been spot on - eating between 1200-1600 with an average of 1450 for this past 5 days is NOT over eating. It's all this water retention from the antibiotic. I hope it at least cleared up the infection! (which I never really felt I had).

Stats for 10/18/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 187.8 EEEKKK!!!
Total miles walked in 2011: 827/1000


  1. I'm sorry about the water weight. :( It stinks but at least you know it's temporary. Just imagine the whoosh you'll get once your body gets back to normal!

    I'm also taking it easy on strength training at the moment because my back and knees need a break. I've been enjoying the pool, although I hope to be back in the gym soon because I miss it.

  2. I sure do hope I have a big WHOOSH!!! It will probably take several days, but what will be funny is that people will probably go, "How is she doing that? Wow" When they don't do that when they see how fast weight can go ON too.

    Already got a mile walk in, but my head is hurting me and that's with taking tylenol. My neck is sore to the touch in a very pinpointed spot. Right at the base of the skull on the right side. Ouch!