Sunday, October 16, 2011

This antibiotic I'm on is something else

I have a urinary tract infection which my doctor discovered when I got my blood work done for checking on everything else. Since I've been on this antibiotic, I've been holding fluids like crazy. The containers says to drink more with this medication, but didn't say anything about water retention. But, when I look up side effects online, about 1% of people experience water retention. Count me in that 1%. Here's a picture of my chart from the last 30 days.

First jump up is impending period and then my typical stall-out, slowly coming down as is typical for any given month for me. Second steep jump up is a combo of ovulation (I think) and this medication. Good thing my eating has been on track or else I would be freaking out. I am now "this" close to technically needing to add another piece of pizza pie, but I'm not going to change it. This is just a fluke. (You can click on the chart to make it bigger).

Also, it still says my current target weight is 175. That was my goal for 2011. I'm now thinking of 165 for an end weight, but not for 2011 and it's still all flexible.

My husband is gone for a few days for a conference, so doing this parenting thing solo. Not much changing terribly, just needing to take the older one to school in the morning as an added duty. Usually my husband drives him, but I'm always up helping with breakfasts and lunches.

Not much else for today.

Stats for 10/16/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 185.2

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