Thursday, October 20, 2011

Full blown cold, but water is leaving

I went to bed last night feeling so horrible. I still feel pretty horrible this morning as my head feels it weighs about 500 pounds as it's full of gunk. I have a full blown cold and like I usually get them, it's completely filling my sinuses.

The good news is that I had to get up three times last night to pee. While that's a pain in the butt to lose sleep because of a full bladder, at least my bladder was full all three times. This past week I've only been about 1 lbs lighter in the morning than when I went to bed. Usually, I would lose about two pounds a night. So, you can imagine how horrible it felt to go to bed weighing 193.4 and I drank more water before going to sleep! I thought I would wake up to see a weight over 190 for sure.

Well, I got lucky as I said and peed a lot three times and I woke up weighing 189.0 in the morning. That is 4.5 pounds of water lost overnight. And, I've been peeing this morning more than usually. Hopefully it means that water weight will go FAST!

Hubby and I were supposed to go out on our already late anniversary date this weekend, but it is being postponed yet again. First, I don't feel well. Who wants to have a romantic date only a couple times a year and waste one on a weekend where I'm sick? Second, there is just no time for it. My mother in law is having a minor outpatient surgery tomorrow, my son is having his homecoming parade and game on Saturday, I need to bake a cake for a friend for Sunday, and we have promised our younger son a trip to the pumpkin patch and time is running out. When we would fit in a date?

So, that means moving it to Halloween weekend - we'll see. I have a feeling this will be like so often is the case. It will never happen and when it does it will seem meaningless. Though, having a date shouldn't need a 'reason'.

Not much more. I have to run some errands to prepare for this weekend!

Stats for 10/20/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 189.0

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