Thursday, October 27, 2011

Even the best of plans can be thrown

I was so sure of my day today that I put in all my meals breakfast. I knew I would have an apple with jif for breakfast (and I did), sausage, eggs and hash browns for lunch as I didn't get to having them yesterday, (didn't happen again today). And I knew I was going to make a pork roast with cabbage and sauerkraut (that didn't happen either.) and, I was signed up to do my first class sincde I injured my neck. I was ready and looking forward to it. The plan for the day was to deal with Halloween costumes. Everything was all set. Or so I thought.

So, the day started normal, I had to cajole my teen outnof bed in the morning, packed lunches for the three boys and first sent my husband and older son off, and then a hour later, my younger son. I joined the little guy with breakfast. I dropped him off at school (driving today as it was raining) and camenhome and went upstairs to veg for a bit while my mother in law slept.

Then things changed. A few minutes aft getting home, my mother in law calls me and I can see immediately that she is not good. She is having an allergic reaction to something which we had gone through before about 18 months prior. That time resulted in a trip to the ER. So, this morning I spent time tracking down her doctor, the dentist (as it appeared to be a reaction to something done at the dental cleaning she had 36-48 hours prior on both those occasions). And dealing with a slightly freaking out mother in-law whith whom I can never tell how much is real and how much is drama.

When it appeared the antihistamine wasn't working, we called the advise nurse who wanted us to call the ambulance based on the description of the reaction. We could see the reaction was slow and not as extreme as it sounded, so we opted to drive into the hospital which is only a mile away.

Then of course, started the waiting. We were there for almost 4 hours for nothing. The ER doctors basically said that the reaction doesn't seem to be threatening and suspected the newer blood pressure medicines and not anything with the dentist. They released her and we came home and started our own investigating. We looked up cleaning appointments and then my others in law drove to the dentist (as they never called back) and got the info she needed and yes indeed, it seems to be an allergic reaction to the cloudier varnishbthey gave her this time and only once before. They even gave here a pamphlet which listed her actions as a rare case scenario.

Then it was deal with kids, and totally change dinner plans. Sauerkraut on a swollen and rashy mouth wouldn't be nice, so I came up with plan B of pumpkin, parsnip and pear creamed soup, apple chicken sausage and brussells sprouts. Lunch earlier was not a nice at home lunch either, but grabbed nutritional bars and cheese sticks. In the end I ended over my calories about about 200 for the day and no time for exercise. I was on the go from 6:30 am until now, 9:45 pm. Oh forgot, had to rush to take my older son to the doctor for his flu shot too. Just a crazy day.

And tomorrow I have to, like really have to work on those Halloween costumes as I need them for Sunday and if anything goes awry, I'll want the time on Saturday to get the needed supplies.

I thought we were over the whole drama of everyone getting sick, but surprise! Guess not.

Stats for 10/27/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 182.0

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