Thursday, October 13, 2011

People are beginning to 'know' me as the thinner me

We have only lived in this town and state for just under 2 years and we are still just kind of feeling our way out with meeting new people. Now, I have met our neighbors and are friendly with many of them and there are a couple of moms I talk with in the mornings, and there are my husband's co-workers we do things with on occasion. They all know me 'before' the weight loss, but... I'm beginning to meet more and new people now and they only know me as me now and that is interesting.

For instance, my son's first grade teacher (who is great by the way). She sees me every morning as I bring in my younger son and sometimes I am dressed for the gym. So, what she knows of me is that I am a slightly chubby woman who is working on her fitness and probably trying to lose a few pounds. She has said on several occasions (yesterday being one of those times) that she needs to start going to the gym - that she has gained a lot of weight since she stopped running due to a foot injury and that she envies my ability to go to the gym. So, yesterday I told her that I had lost 75 pounds this past year and got scared into it by health concerns. She was floored. She had no idea and how would she? First grade classrooms are on the opposite side of the building from kindergarten classrooms and even if she did see me in the hall or something, how would she notice some random parent and then connect that person with a student's parent the following year.

Same with at the ethical society meetings we go to every week. We have new members and new children. They met me as I am now. And the people at the gym. They have no idea. I started the gym mid-June when I had already dropped a lot of weight. And I just joined the PTA. Again, they have no idea (except for the few moms I know from last year). I don't feel the need to announce my weight loss either. I'm not trying to hide it, but it's not relevant unless someone asks me about what I'm doing for health/fitness. And it's interesting.

It's interesting because people treat me differently. Or, I'm perceiving that they treat me differently. It's impossible to tease it out. They might be treating me different because of their prejudices against heavy people or I could be acting different/more confident because I feel better about myself, so they pick up on that and treat me better in return. I definitely am noticing more male attention - even young men will steal an extra glance which at least makes me feel like I'm not that old yet.

And I wonder as time goes by and after I maintain, if people will forget that I used to be so heavy - especially the people I am meeting here. They knew me for such a brief time at my heavy weight. I might have to bring old photos to prove it. Anyway, it's intesesting.

Bodypump this evening for exercise.

Stats for 10/13/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 180.4

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