Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm in a state of shock with my feet

I need a new pair of black heels, so I went to DSW and Marshall's today to find something - anything that was comfortable. I don't care how 'hot' a shoe looks, if I can't stand for a long time and feel comfortable, then I'm not buying them.

In the past decade, I wore a size 10 and sometimes an 11 in dress shoes as my foot was really around a size 10.5 and I ran into width problems with my feet being too wide.

Well, that is not my problem any more. I was trying on shoe after shoe and with the majority of the shoes I needed a 9.5. Not a single size 10 fits - not even close. I could wear a size 9 in some brands, but then my foot is too wide and sometimes too long, but in several pairs, the 9 was right for length. A 9?? A 9.5 seems just right, but unbelievably, my foot is too skinny in the heel to fit well in a lot of them. I know they make those heel slip thingees, but how can I be sure it will work?

I realized with trying on heels, that the only shoes my foot didn't slip was one that was holding my foot in place with a strap (like a Mary Jane) or a shoe covering the instep some how. Just how is this possible for my foot to shrink and to slip out of shoes? I would say it was very possible if it were a slow and gradual change, but it was quite sudden.

One time wearing my size 11 running shoe and they felt fine, next time, I felt my foot was swimming in the toe area and they are. Same with my zumba shoes. Both of these shoes were bought after I had already lost a significant amount of weight, so I can't even say it's that my feet are getting skinnier.

While that is part of it (foot getting skinnier), for sure, I really think my arch started to spring back up. Less weight on the arch, less pressure and strain on the arch. So weird. I haven't worn a size 9 since college, so about 20 years.

I didn't find any heels. I saw a pair I liked, but I just can't spend that kind of money on shoes. Plus, I'm a bit scared my feet will change sizes some more and then I'll have to re-buy even more things.

I have 3 pairs of high heel black shoes - two are way too big and one is wearable, but they aren't very stylish. Super comfortable, yes, but not stylish.

I did buy one pair of new shoes and they are funky. I found a very funky skirt so this goes with that skirt - nothing ordinary can go with it. Wish I could find a picture of the skirt or the shoes for that matter, but when you buy things on super clearance, photos online are long gone or impossible to find. I guess I could shoot a photo of me in it one of these days, but I still hate photos!

Stats for 10/7/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 180.0 (75.6 pounds lost!)
Total exercise hours in 2011: 277
Total miles walked in 2011: 816/1000

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