Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Losing weight is really, really expensive in the short run

I am in the process of emptying out my closet from all my too small clothes and oh my goodness.  That is a lot of clothes to be dumping. I just did my shoe closet last night. Again, every pair of shoes I had before is too big. I can make the athletic shoes work, but not the loafers and heels. And then there are bras and underwear, fitness clothes. Coats? Can we talk about the expense of coats, even used coats? Wow! It is so more apparent this fall and winter because I am emptying out sizes 18s and 20s to make room for 10s and 12s. There is no way I can wear almost any of what I had before. Maybe my heaviest winter coat, but that's it.

And the shoes. Rows of shoes. All too big. All of them. From 10 to 15 years of shoes.

So, now I am toying with I should just donate them or try to sell them. I will not keep them as gaining the weight back is not an option because of health concerns. I will probably keep my 12s even if I make it into 10s, just in case, but 18s and 20s? That is just not an option to go back there. Period. Only one pair of size 20 jeans will be kept for memory's sake. The rest is bye-bye. I will take a picture of the heap of stuff before it is all out of here and it won't be all of it as I have donated some along the way as charities have called, but there is still so, so much. Wow. Just wow!!!

Stats for 10/11/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 181.6

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  1. I hear you! I guess one good thing about me losing slowly is that I did get a bit more wear out of some of my clothes. ;) Beyond that it has been really expensive to continually buy new clothes, especially since I need at least semi-decent ones for work. Too bad we didn't get rewarded with cash for every pound lost that would help to pay for all the new clothes!