Friday, October 7, 2011

Somehow muddling through

I actually cried for a millisecond last night as I was unwinding for the day. If any week can said to be hellish, this one can. And I sure hope it's about over.

In this week, my younger son with Asperger's got sick. While it seemed to be better on Wednesday, it got worse on Thursday. He started an antibiotic last night and is to get blood work and a chest xray this morning when he wakes up. It's now 10:30 am and he's still sleeping because his sleep has been awful this week. Every night he's been up for something. Last night at 3:45 I got him water and more tylenol for his fever and he must have been up for awhile for him to be still sleeping. The good news is that I just checked on him and he's sleeping peacefully.

The antibiotic is a nightmare in itself as he hates, hates HATES liquid medicine, but there are not pill forms of antibiotics for people of such light weight. So, liquid has to be suffered through. Last night we suffered through it for an hour for him to drink it mixed in with a glass of cocoa. Tonight we'll just try to get him down him in the syringe and hope he doesn't spit it out or vomit as there is no extra in the bottle.

On top of that, our cat got sick. Realized it after he peed and vomited on our bed. I've been to the vet with him this week as well and he's now on an antibiotic. Get an antibiotic into the cat is way easier than into my son at least. And, thank goodness, that cat is doing much better. Just now our other cat keeps hissing, growling and swatting at the cat that smells like the vet's office.

And this all, of course, is on top of a full 6 weeks of someone being sick in the house, which was only reprieved by people being healthy for a month as they were sick this summer for 3 weeks too! I'm exhausted from all of this and so behind on so many things.

Mowing was one thing I was behind on. We hadn't mowed since before Hurricane Irene and it was at least 10 inches long. I mowed the front yard yesterday after my older son came home from school, after running to the vet to get the cat's antibiotics and before my son's scheduled appointment with the pediatrician. I got the front yard done, and of course, just as I was finishing I ran over the mower's cord - first time I've done that in the 4 years we've had a corded mower.

That was my exercise for yesterday - one hour of mowing. And I have an hour more, but have to buy the cord for it first, of course. I'm also signed up for a spinning class tonight as I had to cancel my regular step class for this morning due to having a sick kid at home still.

Of course, I wonder, how in the heck would I handle all of this if I were working full time? And it scares me as I'm pulled pretty thin right now and I'm in the process of getting my resume in order and scoping out jobs to apply to. How will I juggle all of this? Ack!

But, I'm not turning to food despite all this stress. I've come a long way in curbing the emotional eating and I'm so happy about that. At least I've been able to break one habit over the last 10 or so years and it took years to get here.

Ok, I need to do other things today and be ready for when the little guy finally wakes up.

Stats for 10/7/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 181.0
Exercise total hours in 2011: 276
Total miles walked in 2011: 813/1000

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